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Joe Ganim: A “Mayor” Once More


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Joe Ganim has taken his place as mayor. After the 2015 election, live on television, Ganim won the race between Mary Jane Foster and Enrique Torres. What has been going on with this once-criminal ever since his fall of power? And more importantly, what will he do in his return to power?

Joe Ganim was originally mayor in 1991, being the fiftieth and youngest mayor in Bridgeport at the age of 32. Young and ready to lead a city through the hardest of times, he was one of the best. According to the blog “Reading Between the Lines”, he was getting crime down to its knees, making Bridgeport the fairest in the land, and busting drug lords that would probably make Walter White look like an amateur. He helped support the construction of Webster Bank and Harbor Yard Arena, as well as adding street lights.Wait, are you telling me the roads were basically Road Rage courses that you have a constant chance of pulling a GTA-esque crash?

I really am lucky to be born in the 21st century. Everything was pretty great, I tell you, until Ganim was accused of sixteen federal court cases and got thrown in jail in 2003. Apparently, he was using all of the money from taxes for his own needs like remodeling his house.  A debate issued on how long Ganim should have stayed, which ranged from a life sentence to three years and ten months. He did get thirty-two months taken off, all thanks to being a member of a drug treatment program for his substance abuse. I’m not actually sure what it was he was taking, but that abuse ironically did help get him out of prison faster.

In 2010, Ganim was released from prison after serving seven years. When he was released, he worked with his family’s law firm, Ganim, Ganim, and Ganim, P.C. (we get it, your last name is Ganim). In the meanwhile, he and his brother, George Ganim Jr., started Federal Prison Consultant LLC, which is a service that gives convicts of non-violent crime tips and advice for serving prison terms. Ganim would also try to get back his law license, since his time in federal prison cost him the confiscation of said license. This would take many attempts until 2014, where the Connecticut Supreme Court granted him his license back. I’m not sure it was because he earned it, or if he was really getting on their nerves. And finally, to the present, Joe Ganim would eventually run for mayor once again and told voters that he has reformed and to give him a second chance. Well, if you look at the good things he has done in his run for mayor, you would actually do it. And that’s brings us back up to speed on the memory lane for Joe Ganim.

Ganim has now been finding ways to cut taxes, making City Hall more efficient and effective, and dwindling the amount of crime in the neighborhoods. Isn’t he just the best?

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Joe Ganim: A “Mayor” Once More