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Republican Debate #4


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Last Tuesday, November 10th, the Republican Party held its fourth Presidential Debate, broadcasting on the Fox Business Network. It featured the front runners; Billionaire Donald Trump, and Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, along with the unexpected runner-up in the polls, Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Businesswoman Carly Fiorina, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul were also in attendance. The day before the debate, Trump had 25% of the polls, Carson had 24%, Rubio had 12%, Cruz had 10%, Bush had 6%, Fiorina had 3%, Kasich had 3%, and Paul had 3%.

The debate started of with an overly dramatic prologue talking about the history of the Milwaukee Theater (where the debate took place). The debate was centred around the economy and the nominees’ would improve it if they were elected. To try and keep the debate orderly, there was a buzzer that would go off if the candidate spoke longer than 90 seconds at a time, but about halfway through the debate it became completely arbitrary and no one paid it any mind. The first question of the debate was whether or not they would increase the federal min. wage to $15 an hour. Trump stated that he would keep the min. wage as it is, and that raising the min. wage will cause more American jobs to be sent to China. Carson agreed with him on the matter, but Rubio said that our economy doesn’t provide jobs that pay enough. Ted Cruz suggested that the income tax for all citizens be 10%, and the business tax be 16%. Kasich said he’d make the income and business tax 14% and abolish the payroll tax, while Fiorina said that we should reduce our 73,000 page tax-code, to a simple 3 page tax-code. Fiorina also proposed that America should strengthen its military presence in Europe and the Middle East in order to deter President Putin from continuing his aggressive actions. Donald Trump however, said the he would let Putin destroy ISIS, and join him in bombing the region to destruction. He also reiterated his quite unrealistic plan of building a wall between the United States and Mexico, and make Mexico pay for it… somehow.

When asked about the problem of immigration, Trump said he would deport all illegal immigrants, but Rubio, Bush, and Kasich all said that was impossible and suggested a way for immigrants to “earn” their citizenship. Rand Paul seemed to point out every flaw in his competitors’ plans, but offered little of substance himself, except that he follows the Republican stick of denying that humans cause climate change. Overall, Rubio was the clear winner of this debate, with Carson and Trump trailing behind. Jeb Bush definitely lost the debate, simply because he hardly spoke.   (remember the thing JP said about that professor guy)


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Republican Debate #4