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GOP Surprising Standouts


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To the surprise of Republicans and Democrats alike, Republican Presidential Nominee Ben Carson has given Donald Trump a run for his money and had pulled ahead in the polls. Carson is one of the only African-American candidates to ever take the lead in the polls for the generally Caucasian party. Polls have shown that he tends to appeal to evangelicals and women. Trump on the other hand, tends to appeal to moderate Republicans and voters without college degrees. Carson had 26% of the polls and Trump had 22%, and even though the currently Trump has 25% and Carson 24%, they’re still neck and neck. Never before in the race have the percentages been this close, and Trump is going on the offensive to protect his prime real-estate at the leading position. He accused multiple polling groups in Iowa of being biased against him.

A retired neurosurgeon and devout Seventh-Day Adventist, Ben Carson is renowned for his neurological expertise, even having a movie made about his famous separation of twins conjoined the head. The Yale University alumnus has even received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama in 2008. With no formal political experience, some say that Ben Carson, along with Donald Trump, is “unelectable”. However, many of his supporters say that because of his lack of political experience, Carson will provide a fresh viewpoint un-muddled by partisan politics, ulterior motives, and Super PAC agendas. Marco Rubio has also made an unexpected jump in the polls to third place with 12% of the votes. The Florida Senator has surpassed the expectations of his competitors, and unexpectedly surpassed other candidates that were expected to do better in the polls, i.e. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Mike Huckabee. In a Presidential race that has produced so many Republican nominees, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio have truly distinguished themselves from the crowd.

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GOP Surprising Standouts