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A Message About Breast Cancer


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Cancer is one of the leading diseases in the world. It’s not contagious and cancer cells don’t pick and choose who or what they want to develop on based on shape, race, or size. There is no really way to completely stop cancer from developing in a person’s body but there are ways to prevent it or detect the cancer signs early, so it will be easier to treat.

Breast cancer is the third leading cancer in the world. Breast cancer develops in the breast tissue which is located from the middle of a person’s chest to just below their armpits. It also does not differentiate between male and female. Everyone has breast tissue no matter their gender or size. Cancer is usually detected through lumps or tumors, an unusual growth of tissue, that are found in breast tissue. Tumors form through cancer cells.

All cancer cells start of as normal cells. In the process of normal cells turning into cancerous cells, a normal cell’s genes get damaged and changed thus forming the normal cell into a cancer cell. In most cases however, healthy cells divide to attack the cancerous cell, but not all cells divide so the cancer cells divide leading to the growth of a tumor. Breast tissue is the easiest tissue to develop cancer cells because estrogen in a person’s body, mostly females although men do have estrogen, enhances the division of cells and the more the cancer cells divide, the more cancer gets into your breast.

Males getting breast cancer is less likely than women getting breast cancer but it still occurs. Cancer is less likely with men because men don’t have estrogen levels as high as woman so their breast tissue cells don’t divide as often. Most men don’t know that they can get breast cancer so they don’t look out for breast cancer warning signs. But male breast cancer can occur at all ages, same for woman, but it usually occurs at a young age for men (20’s or 30’s). Warning signs for breast cancer are a lump in your breast, a recurring itch on the breast, swelling or discoloration on a particular part of the breast, change in the shape of the breast, and a new pain that doesn’t go away.

There are many different treatments that can be used to treat breast cancer. The first one is surgery. A person can either have a mastectomy, where the whole breast is removed or a lumpectomy where a piece of the breast is removed. Removing the pieces or the whole breast removes the cancer cells manually to prevent them from spreading. Another form of treatment is radiation where a laser is pointed at the breast to kill the cancer cells by burning them. Chemotherapy is a different option where a liquid is injected into your body and goes through your body to kill the cancer cells internally as well as others that might have spread. The last known treatment of breast cancer is hormone therapy where a person takes estrogen pills to increase the growth of healthy cells to destroy the unhealthy ones.

A lot of people are unaware of all of the harm that cancer can do to your body and all that it takes to get rid of it. Cancer survivors are some of the strongest people on this Earth who go through such a hard struggle. Be sure to inform those you know about Breast Cancer and what it can do to them.

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A Message About Breast Cancer